5 Things PR Girls are Tired of Hearing

{ft. Rihanna’s massive and amazing attitude}

1. All we do is go to parties. 200-3

NOOOOOOO! PR is not just events, glitz, and glam. Samantha Jones, I love you, but you’ve confused the masses. We’re usually only at events because we’re working them. Running events is not what I call a fun evening, it’s probably the most stressful part of the gig.

2. We’re constantly lying and manipulating the press.200-4.gif

I’m sorry… but the title is public relations. Last time I checked, lying in a relationship is bad, correct? The only way for PR professional to do their job to the best of their ability is if they’re being completely honest.

3. We’re in PR because we couldn’t make it as journalists.200-6.gif

Excuse the eye roll. Not everyone wants to be a journalist. I like having multiple mediums. I prefer building relationships over reporting. Why do some people have such a hard time believing me???

4. Public Relations is just Media Relations200-7

I love when people say this because I think ‘Oh, boy! I’ve got tricks up my sleeve for you!’ PR gals handle event planning, crisis communication, community management, reputation management, digital, social media, and internal communication… and I could go on.

5. PR is easy, anyone can do it!200-8

I have found that everyone is constantly trying to simplify public relations, and the work that goes with it. Not everyone can do it! PR daily said the ideal PR professional is business-minded, flexible, a strong writer, has a mind like a sponge, fearless, a news junkie, and thick-skinned.

“So keep on gettin’ your paper and keep on climbing” -Rihanna. Crowns on, gals. Have a lovely day! XO



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