How Does #BREXIT Affect PR?

Morning PR Gals!

If you’re like me, this Brexit news has come as a shock. Last year I spent my fall semester in London, and based on my friends and experiences I never imagined the UK would vote leave.

Now that the shock has subsided, I couldn’t help but think how this would affect the PR industry. I’ve always dreamed of working and living in the UK (London, I’m coming for you!!) and this whole situation has got me questioning if it’ll be more difficult.

According to PR Week, who conducted a survey of PR Professionals in the UK, 78.65% wanted to stay in the EU. Out of these PR Professionals, 52.81% believe it will have a negative impact on the UK PR industry.200-2

Oh, no! I really hope everything turns okay. Things could be looking up shortly! Stay strong my UK PR gals.


One thought on “How Does #BREXIT Affect PR?

  1. As a PR girl working in London I have to admit I am quite worried about how it’s going to affect the industry over here in the UK. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…


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