Hey PR Gals!

My name is Anna Barnes and I’m a Junior studying Public Relations at Boston University. I’ve created this blog to document my journey getting started in the communications world, which is kind of crazy.

I decided on the name America’s Next Top PR Girl because I wanted this blog to be a special place for women entering the PR industry. This is a space where we can relate to one another and embrace our journey. Also, to become more vocal about issues and annoyances we deal with on a daily basis.

Therefore, this is a blog of celebration of my PR Gals on the rise! We rock this industry like no other and I’m here to shout it from the top of my lungs.

I post anything and everything that I think is good advice or relevant to my gals.

I’m currently interning for the show NOVA on PBS, however I do not speak for NOVA, PBS, or WGBH.




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