Stuff PR Students Say

Hey PR gals!

So Word Press is mean and is trying to get me to upgrade to share this (super embarrassing) video I made about stuff PR students say.

But YouTube is a beautiful invention.

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Why Girl Power is Important in PR


Cheers dolls,

Last night someone asked me why I made this blog about Women and Girls in Public Relations.

Well, it’s not too hard to explain:

  • Women are 70% of the PR Industry
  • Women in PR only get paid 77% of their male counterparts


Oh, look! A graph!


I am one of many that are calling out the industry and openly professing my support and appreciation for the women in it. 

Mad love to my PR Gals, keep rising to the top. XO200-11.gif


How Does #BREXIT Affect PR?

Morning PR Gals!

If you’re like me, this Brexit news has come as a shock. Last year I spent my fall semester in London, and based on my friends and experiences I never imagined the UK would vote leave.

Now that the shock has subsided, I couldn’t help but think how this would affect the PR industry. I’ve always dreamed of working and living in the UK (London, I’m coming for you!!) and this whole situation has got me questioning if it’ll be more difficult.

According to PR Week, who conducted a survey of PR Professionals in the UK, 78.65% wanted to stay in the EU. Out of these PR Professionals, 52.81% believe it will have a negative impact on the UK PR industry.200-2

Oh, no! I really hope everything turns okay. Things could be looking up shortly! Stay strong my UK PR gals.

Is Public Relations the Career for You?

Hey PR Gals,

Nowadays, job descriptions in the communications industry are quite blurry. How do you know PR is the thing for you? Well, here are some resources!

  1. This quiz (hey, I love a good quiz)
  2. This article is a good way to decide between PR and Marketing, which have slight differences.
  3. And typical “Signs You Should be a PR Major

If you’re on the fence, I hope these links help you out!200-15

5 Things PR Girls are Tired of Hearing

{ft. Rihanna’s massive and amazing attitude}

1. All we do is go to parties. 200-3

NOOOOOOO! PR is not just events, glitz, and glam. Samantha Jones, I love you, but you’ve confused the masses. We’re usually only at events because we’re working them. Running events is not what I call a fun evening, it’s probably the most stressful part of the gig.

2. We’re constantly lying and manipulating the press.200-4.gif

I’m sorry… but the title is public relations. Last time I checked, lying in a relationship is bad, correct? The only way for PR professional to do their job to the best of their ability is if they’re being completely honest.

3. We’re in PR because we couldn’t make it as journalists.200-6.gif

Excuse the eye roll. Not everyone wants to be a journalist. I like having multiple mediums. I prefer building relationships over reporting. Why do some people have such a hard time believing me???

4. Public Relations is just Media Relations200-7

I love when people say this because I think ‘Oh, boy! I’ve got tricks up my sleeve for you!’ PR gals handle event planning, crisis communication, community management, reputation management, digital, social media, and internal communication… and I could go on.

5. PR is easy, anyone can do it!200-8

I have found that everyone is constantly trying to simplify public relations, and the work that goes with it. Not everyone can do it! PR daily said the ideal PR professional is business-minded, flexible, a strong writer, has a mind like a sponge, fearless, a news junkie, and thick-skinned.

“So keep on gettin’ your paper and keep on climbing” -Rihanna. Crowns on, gals. Have a lovely day! XO


Why Edelman Edge is Going to Change the PR Game


Edelman, the top PR agency in the world, has released a new program titled Edelman Edge. It is the first global campaigning methodology. Edelman Edge is a science-based method that combines political and cultural factors to determine best campaigning practices at a local level. Nothing of its kind has been done before. Let’s break this down…

  1. Edge creates ‘country reports.’
  2. These reports include an analysis of cultural factors such as: Political process, ability to mobilize civil society, unique insights on relationships, media landscape, profile of spokespeople and endorsers, and dynamics of power.
  3. These insights have been validated by global academic and research institutions.
  4. By obtaining this information one can determine how people in an area make decisions, what is the market political economic framework, the culture’s power dynamics, how content should be presented, and effective advocacy techniques.


This program is basically going to turn international public relations and global public affairs on its long-undisturbed head. The clients who use this system will be able to succeed in markets around the globe far more easily with the help of a system that analyzes the climate of the area.

How do you gals feel about The Edge? It sounds promising! Can’t wait to read more about it as more clients use it.

20 PR People You Should Be Following


Need some fresh faces on your Twitterfeed? Follow these PR professionals!

  1. Christopher Penn
  2. Mark Ragan
  3. Brandi Boatner
  4. Beth Andrix Monaghan
  5. Kathryn Beiser
  6. Josh Earnest
  7. Konstanze
  8. Amy Ziari
  9. Tyler Perry
  10. Tina Cassidy
  11. Olivia Calvert
  12. Martyn Rosney
  13. Jillian Collins Bohr
  14. Chloe Staniforth
  15. Pam Mlinarcik
  16. Jennifer Hyland
  17. Eric Schultz 
  18. Amy Shanler
  19. Paul Middleton
  20. David Gallagher

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