How to be a Memorable Intern

Cheers dolls! Hope your summer internships are off to a smooth start. Now that you’ve got the internship, how do you make the experience count? And more importantly, how do you make a lasting impression on your boss? Let’s get into it!

+ The Devil Wears Prada gifs because we all feel like Andy when we start interning.

1. DO MORE! Take on as many assignments as possible. Always be asking for more. There shouldn’t be a day where you have nothing to do! Interns with appetite are the only interns people care about. Pro-tip: Ask your boss at the end of every conversation, “Is there anything else I can do that would make your day easier?” 200-5.gif

2. Always be put together. I don’t mean this to sound superficial, but dressing for success is tried and true! You’ll achieve more.200-8.gif

3. Think ahead. A good intern is always trying their best to be a few steps ahead. Can’t stress proactivity enough!200-1.gif

4. Ask questions!!! Contrary to popular belief, internships are an educational experience… not a job. Asking questions is an important part of the educational process, while also displaying your investment in precision.anne hathaway the devil wears prada material girls

5. Grow thick skin ASAP. I’m fortunate to have the nicest woman in the world as my boss and mentor, but not everyone is nice to interns (gross, I know!!) so you have to be able to bounce back. People will remember your strength!200-6.gif

6. Radiate confidence. If people think you can’t handle something, they won’t give you the assignment! You’re awesome! Sit up straight, look people in the eye, and don’t play down your abilities. 

7. Be a Team Player. Interact with everyone in the office. If you have a light day, don’t be afraid to ask someone else if they need anything. The more people you impress the more people will advocate for you if you decide to apply for a job there. 200-10.gif

8. Keep it light. Even if some days are hard, you’ve got to stay in a positive headspace. Celebrate small achievements or have a laugh with your boss! Negative, stressed-out people are not a pleasure to work with. You don’t want to be remembered as a grumpy intern!200-2.gif

Hope this helps, PR Girls!



Why C.J. Cregg should be your PR Idol


[Samantha Jones WHO?!]

In case you have not been formerly introduced, meet C.J. Cregg. She’s the Press Secretary for the White House on the show The West Wing (now on Netflix), and she’s basically all of my #PRGOALS.

Here’s why!

1. She’s a BAMF who isn’t afraid of anyone.


2. And she never shies away from


3. Yeah, not really the PR woman you want to cross.54ae5bdca5907_-_tumblr_lp892jpkbu1qzcjz0.gif

4. Let’s not forget the truth bombs she constantly drops.

5. C.J. doesn’t sit idly by when people try to tarnish her reputation, or the reputation of the White House.


6. BONUS: Unlike most female characters on television (women written by men who can’t comprehend that a woman can have a career and a sex drive) she has a career, is super intelligent, AND she owns her sex! INSPIRED!



C.J. is quirky, clever, honest, and an amazing communicator. She rocks the white house press room every episode and inspires COM girls everywhere. We are BLESSED to have such a well-written PR woman. Thank you Sorkin!!!


The Quest for an Internship

In Boston there’s only one thing that has a higher population than Red Sox fans. And no, it’s not the amount of bad drivers… It’s college students scouting for internships. This winter, like thousands of students in the city of Boston, I came to the realization that I was about to finish my second year and needed to get started on the internship search.

My first thought: How the hell do I get an internship?

The process of crafting a resume and cover letter is exhausting, especially when you have to make five different versions to fit the different internships you’re applying to (and on top of that: the mountains of studying you have to do during the school year!)

And since I have been through this grueling process I’ve collected my favorite sources JUST FOR YOU!

Tips for Cover Letters:

Tips for Resumes:

Some places you can browse for Internships:


Happy hunting PR Gals!