Why Edelman Edge is Going to Change the PR Game


Edelman, the top PR agency in the world, has released a new program titled Edelman Edge. It is the first global campaigning methodology. Edelman Edge is a science-based method that combines political and cultural factors to determine best campaigning practices at a local level. Nothing of its kind has been done before. Let’s break this down…

  1. Edge creates ‘country reports.’
  2. These reports include an analysis of cultural factors such as: Political process, ability to mobilize civil society, unique insights on relationships, media landscape, profile of spokespeople and endorsers, and dynamics of power.
  3. These insights have been validated by global academic and research institutions.
  4. By obtaining this information one can determine how people in an area make decisions, what is the market political economic framework, the culture’s power dynamics, how content should be presented, and effective advocacy techniques.


This program is basically going to turn international public relations and global public affairs on its long-undisturbed head. The clients who use this system will be able to succeed in markets around the globe far more easily with the help of a system that analyzes the climate of the area.

How do you gals feel about The Edge? It sounds promising! Can’t wait to read more about it as more clients use it.