20 PR People You Should Be Following


Need some fresh faces on your Twitterfeed? Follow these PR professionals!

  1. Christopher Penn
  2. Mark Ragan
  3. Brandi Boatner
  4. Beth Andrix Monaghan
  5. Kathryn Beiser
  6. Josh Earnest
  7. Konstanze
  8. Amy Ziari
  9. Tyler Perry
  10. Tina Cassidy
  11. Olivia Calvert
  12. Martyn Rosney
  13. Jillian Collins Bohr
  14. Chloe Staniforth
  15. Pam Mlinarcik
  16. Jennifer Hyland
  17. Eric Schultz 
  18. Amy Shanler
  19. Paul Middleton
  20. David Gallagher

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The Quest for an Internship

In Boston there’s only one thing that has a higher population than Red Sox fans. And no, it’s not the amount of bad drivers… It’s college students scouting for internships. This winter, like thousands of students in the city of Boston, I came to the realization that I was about to finish my second year and needed to get started on the internship search.

My first thought: How the hell do I get an internship?

The process of crafting a resume and cover letter is exhausting, especially when you have to make five different versions to fit the different internships you’re applying to (and on top of that: the mountains of studying you have to do during the school year!)

And since I have been through this grueling process I’ve collected my favorite sources JUST FOR YOU!

Tips for Cover Letters:

Tips for Resumes:

Some places you can browse for Internships:


Happy hunting PR Gals!